Growing Up a Non-Hockey Fan in Wisconsin

I’ve always played basketball.  My parents started me in summer, school-ran camps when I was little.  I moved onto traveling league against local towns playing in weekend tournaments as a chubby post bud.  NBD, but I could box out for days, still can.  Then I finally moved up to middle school and then high school as a 5’10” front court player.  I wouldn’t give those days away for anything, and I always answer the question, “If you could go back to high school and play one more season of any sport, which one is it?” with basketball every time.  However, I answer the question, “If you could’ve played any other sport in your life, what would it have been?” with hockey every time.  Unfortunately, my parents though it would be a lot easier to pay for a pair of basketball shoes rather than a stick, skates, and pads for hockey as I grew up.  Some bullshit, but it’s whatever.

So, I never really understood what I was missing until my freshman year of college.  I was getting even more into professional sports than I ever had been because I couldn’t play my own games anymore.  (This is about the same time I was getting an idea to start a blog, but it took me a little bit to figure it out with my friends).  I really paid attention to the NFL, ginormous Fantasy guy (hint, hint), and also followed basketball and baseball diligently.  The football season ended, so everyday fantasy football was over and the Bucks only played a few nights a week.  I needed something more, so I looked to the NHL and hockey.  I saw that the Wild were playing, flipped on the TV, and said, “Where the fuck was this when I was growing up.”  I instantly wanted to get behind a team, but obviously Wisconsin didn’t have one, and fuck the Blackhawks.  Again, obviously.  So, I followed the Wild pretty well that year, but lost interest after they lost in the playoffs.  Fast forward to 2017, where Intertops came into my life at the same time as the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals.  I got absolutely hooked on hockey, not just for the money, but for the game too.  I got behind the Senators after the Wild lost in 4, and I got on a high as they brought it to game 7 of the Conference Finals and lost on some bullshit to the eventual Cup Champion Penguins.  I was just a bandwagon fan though.  I really didn’t have any team for myself.  I was just riding on the coattails of Ottawa fans.

But then I thought about it.  I can pick whatever fuckin team I want.  Literally any team, and if people make fun of me for it, then I can say, “Sorrey, Wisconsin doesn’t have a team.  What am I suppose to do?”  This is a more full proof plan then when I tried to create a swing from my basement ceiling and tore the whole thing down.  However, I didn’t know what team to like.  I had to pick one.  Then the sky dropped a present right into my lap.  The 31st NHL franchise.

Yes, I’m a Las Vegas Golden Knights fan.  Literally, from day one.  We just drafted three studs last night in the Amateur Draft, have one of the best goalies in the league in Fluery, and I’m 100% all in on the Knights…that is until Wisco gets the 32nd franchise.  Let’s win some God damn games boys.



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