Can NBA Teams Get Right Before the Draft?

I’m a big fan of NBA Free Agency and the NBA Draft.  You’re probably thinking, “What? D3LS, how can you be a fan of free agency and the draft?  Aren’t you a fan of watching the Bucks play basketball?”  Of course.  Of course I am Hard Woodies.  I love the Bucks because they’re my brothers whether they know it or not.  “Then why are you a fan of NBA Free Agency and the Draft?  Isn’t it Bucks in 6 or die?”  I know just as well as you that the Bucks will win multiple Chips in a row in 6.  The reason that I’m a fan of NBA Free Agency and the Draft is because I’m a fan of change, and these few months between mid-June and mid-July is all about expectancy in change.  It keeps me on my toes, bugs my eyes out, and causes me to experience every emotion of surprise, pain, anger, and happiness that a man can know.  That’s why I love Free Agency and the Draft.

But the NBA, as a collective whole is just fuckin with us right now.  Awesome, we get to see the Lakers unload Mozgov and hear that Russell will decompose in Brooklyn.  It’s so cool that Dwight Howard is on the Hornets now.  Straight up boring.   I’ve gotten about 56982 notifications for which team has what players on the trading block, what owner is talking to another owner, Paul George and Jimmy Butler, and just flat out potential trades that may or may not happen.

What I’m trying to say is…Holy shit, somebody pull the trigger and give us fans something to cheer about, and Woj/BR actually something to tweet about.  Let’s see some block buster moves.  If we have to wait until draft time at 6 to see some new players on new teams, I’m going to absolutely lose my mind.  If Jimmy Butler, Paul George, and KP are all on the same team after tonight, I might just die.  C’mon, give the fans what they want.



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