The Lakers Just Said Fuck It to the Rebuild and Will be Good Next Year After Trading DeAngelo Russell.

Can we just oust basketball in California?  First the Warriors with their All-NBA team, and now the Lakers appear to be building a quality playoff team by 2018-2019, after next season.  I will never understand the big deal with famous fans, a historic franchise, big time Hollywood fame, or a large market.  Give me a stadium close to the lake, full of drunken assholes who will cheer for their team until they black (Go Bucks, Bucks in 6).

Anyway, blowing up the front office, bringing in fan favorite player with no other front office experience as President of Basketball Operations, and trading away the second overall pick from 2015 seems to be the best move to completely avoid a rebuild.  The Lakers added cap space for the summer of 2018 as Lopez will be an unrestricted free agent, they no longer have to pay Mozgov $16 mil a year, and their hometown boy Paul George will be a free agent.  It also allows them to draft Lonzo, who would be a way better point guard as a play maker alongside George.  Russell is more of a bad score first guard who can shoot threes pretty well.  If the Lakers can figure out a way to keep Lopez, and from a trio with George and Ball, that would be a hell of a team, but also make me pissed.  What would make me absolutely lose my shit is if they somehow figure out a way to trade for George before next season.  Fuck that.  I completely forgot that the Lakers also added another first round pick.  Some teams man.  They even managed to get rid of an absolute locker room threat in DeAngelo “Nark” Russell.

The ultimate of this trade is if the Nets rebuild faster than the Knicks.  I would love that so much.  They just got a player who is still 21 for a 27th pick.  Deal.



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