The Cup Finals had me like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

There’s two main reasons I was unimpressed with the Stanley Cup Finals this year, and yeah both of them are pretty big gripes.

I’m just going to start with that I haaaaaaaaaaate the Penguins.  I’m sure most can relate.  They’re the Golden State Warriors of the NHL except much worse at it.  Golden State with their four stars went 16-1 in the playoffs on route to their championship where the Penguins took two straight series to 7 games before they beat the Preds in 6.  The Penguins went 16-9, definitely unplanned, with studs such as Crosby, Malkin, and Kessel skating for them every night.  They should hardly lose a game, which isn’t the part that bugs me.  The part that irritates me is how lucky can a franchise get?  Both of their past two Cups had a rookie catalyst play like one of the best NHLers in the league.  First Murray going 15-6 in the 2015 playoffs, then Guentzel just casually leading the playoffs in goals as a rook in 2016.  Seriously the fuck is that?  Hate the Pens.

My second thing is about the City of Nashville.  I watched way more hockey last year than I did then year, but I still caught games here and there throughout the 2016-17 season.  I don’t think I ever heard that Nashville was a hockey town once until the 2017 playoffs.  I’m not complaining about whether it’s good for the NHL for the star studded city to back its hockey team, because it’s a great thing for the Preds and the NHL.  I just think Nashville fans might be the first ever city to bandwagon their own team.  In essence their cucking themselves.  The bandwagon Nashville fans are cucking the die hard fans who’ve been cheering them on since day 1.  I want a poll done on the Predators fans to see who’s fake and who’s not.  Hate the Preds too, just not as much.

Anyway you look at it, the Stanley Cup Playoff’s best moment was the Titans’ O-lineman getting wasted at games.  Love it.

So far we have the Patriots, Penguins, and Warriors with 2017 titles.  I hope the MLB is brewing up something special.


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