Steph Curry is a Bad Mothafucka

This NBA Finals was about only one thing for Steph Curry…to point blank murder the Cavs with embarrassment every chance he got.  Whether he was shitting on the hardwoods of Quicken Loans,

defying the Oracle Arena Smoking Policy,

No smoking of any kind is permitted in Oracle Arena. Patrons who fail to comply with this policy may be subject to ejection from Oracle Arena. Contact an Arena Guest Services Representative for assistance.

or smacking Chip clinching daggers,

Curry absolutely clowned every member of the Cavs, all the Cavaliers fans, and the entire state of Ohio for that matter.

When I thought of Steph Curry, I thought of him as a baby faced, goody two shoes, father of two girls who had a reputation as clean as his shooting stroke, and I’m sure many people around the country would completely agree with that.  Buuuuuuuut holy shit did he single-handedly change everyone’s mind as he ripped up, started on fire, and buried that old persona in the 2017 NBA Finals.  Now, when I think of Curry, I think of a salty ass, revenge seeker, dream killer, dead-eye sniper, annnnnnnd its fuckin awesome.  He lives to ruin LeBron.  Every dribble, bead of sweat, and waking moment of Curry’s life is designed to fuck over LeBron’s life and make it a living hell for him.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Bron Bron guy, but Curry is making me rethink things, and it’s great for the NBA.  I love the bad guy everybody hates, and the Warriors now have three of them.  I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Curry left to come to the East (maybe Boston) in order to never let LeBron taste the Finals again.  I think I might be a Curry guy now.  That fading out of bounds corner 3 he took with 15 seconds left while up by 10ish that hit only the top of the backboard was amazing.  Just the biggest, “I can do whatever I want, fuck you,” that he could possible give.  Thanks for making the playoffs great again Curry.


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