Steve Kerr: Brain Injury?

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One game at a time.

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Steve, do you know who you are? Do you know where you are? Do you remember just mentioning 16-0 in your quote where you said the team has never mentioned 16-0? Someone get this man to the hospital.

Remember those back injuries that sidelined Kerr for most of the playoffs allowing Mike Brown into the one head coaching job that nobody can fuck up, which causes people to absurdly think he’s a good coach. Yeah. That back injury.

There’s only two likely takes here.  First, Steve Kerr’s body is a ticking time bomb of death. I’m not anatomist, but the injury must be a spinal thing because it’s traveling right up the chord into his brain. Kerr’s losing it, quick. For Christ’s sake, he can’t even remember the last sentence he said. He’s going to try to start Barnes over KD any minute now. The only reason to leave him out there at this point is if he dies mid KD wide open dunk, and the fans actually get to watch something interesting as the Warriors Takkarist McKinnely NFL Draft swag strut to 16-0.

The second take takes a little bit different track. The NBA loves LeBron, no surprise there. So, if Steve Kerr was to come back, mid Finals, coach a few games then leave again because of brain cancer, maybe it throws the Warriors off their game, and maybe the Cavs make another historic comeback. There’s only one comeback that can beat 3-1, and that of course is 3-0.  Yes, ohhhhh yes. Either the Warriors sweep or the Cavs come back 3-0. No ifs, ands, or buts. Those are the only two options. Mark my words.



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