Fuck the NBA Finals

With the Warriors checking their ticket to the Finals, and the Cavaliers looking like they will tonight in Boston, it’s got me thinking about Super Teams in the NBA.  I hate them.  I hate the fact that franchises and the NBA made it possible for 9 of the best 20-25 players in the NBA to be on the same two teams.  The same two teams that will be in the Finals for the 3rd straight year.  I want something new.  I want to see a team that has Steph Curry and Durant go against a team with Klay and Draymond.  I want to see Kyrie take a team into the playoffs on his own.  I want to see how good LeBron is by himself as the best player in the world and not a young superstar.  Those situation’s don’t even mention the fact that if the super teams were split up, 10 other teams automatically have a chance to compete.  It’s boring to know what the Finals will be 365 days before it happens.  I love the playoffs when those two teams go 12-0 and 12-1.  It’s so cool to see blowout after blowout.  I honestly think the Cavaliers, Warriors “rivalry” was built by the NBA to ensure 12 year old and international band wagon fans who don’t know any better and are willing to spend millions on merchandise.  It’s shitty for the game and the college age on up audience that have been fans of basketball their whole lives and follow their team diligently as they build their favorite franchise builds the roster from the bottom up only to waste it away because every great player goes to the same few teams.  I just think it’s boring, and I said I was boycotting the NBA Finals, but I might not now.  I pretty much can’t commit.



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