Question of the Day #6

I’m going to make you think a little bit harder about your answer to today’s question.  I thought of a little situation to go along with it.  Let’s say, you’re hanging from a cliff and will die within the next 30 seconds, because you can’t hold on.  A person is running to save you, and they’re the only ones who can make it to you in time before you fall.  However, the person who comes is your most hated person on Earth.  You loathe this person to the point where you rather get acupuncture to eyeballs.  Like Hitler looks good in your eyes compared to this person.  What I’m getting at is:

Would you let your most hated person in the world save you from dying?

You either live and have to be eternally grateful to the person you hate more than anyone, or you die.  What would you choose?



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