MLB All First Quarter Teams by Conference: American League

American League:


Salvador Perez, Kansas City Royals

As much as I hate the Royals, and I utterly hate the Royals, Salvador Perez is the best catcher on both sides of the plate in the American League.  He’s been good, but not great, on offense, however, it’s still better than any other catcher in the league.  He’s the only catcher eligible in batting average, slugging, and OPS with a line of .286/.545/.871 respectively.  He also leads all American league catcher’s in RBIs, homers, hits, and runs.  On the defensive side, he’s one of 3 catchers with a perfect fielding percentage, is top 10 in caught stealing percentage, and only has one passed ball on the season.  He earned this spot.

First Base:

Yonder Alonso, Oakland Athletics

This pick of Yonder Alonso has the American League’s first baseman is kinda the result of the least worse out of all of them.  Only one American League first baseman is batting over .300, and it’s Eric Hosmer at .308.  Yonder is first in OPS, OBP, homers, and slugging.  He’s 4th in average and 2nd in RBIs.  This sounds good comparative to the other American league first baseman, but in the National league the only two categories he would be top 5 in is homers and slugging.  I guess that’s all that really counts in the end though.  Dingers.  He’s also top 10 in every defensive category, so there’s that too.  Yes, there is only 15 people total.

Second Base:

Robinson Cano, Seattle Mariners

Most second basemen were either great on offense and atrocious defensively, such as Jose Altuve, or were great defenders and held a batting average under .200, like Rougned Odor.  Robinson Cano is the only guy that excels at both.  He’s first in homers, RBIs, slugging, and OPS with 8/28/.533/.895 respectively.  He’s also 3rd in average and on base percentage.  The guy is also top 6 in assists, errors, and fielding percentage.  Not one other American League second baseman can combine the offense and the defense in the same way Cano has the first quarter of this season.


Francisco Lindor, Cleveland Indians

This was an absolute dead heat between Lindor, Carlos Correa, and Xander Bogaerts.  Lindor won it by a pube.  His defensive stats edged him out over Bogaerts and Correa.  I’m going to write this bio by just comparing the 3.  Lindor was the only one in the top 5 of the three in all major statistical categories that I cared about.  Bogaerts wasn’t in many of the power metrics, and Correa didn’t make the cuts in hits.  Lindor also was in the top 5 of most fielding categories where the other two were only in about half of them.  He takes the crown, but barely.

Third Base:

Miguel Sano, Minnesota Twins

This was the easiest pick of this list by far because he’s a top 10 position player in the MLB right now.  He’s leading AL third baseman in runs, hits, RBI, walks, average, on base percentage, slugging, OPS, and WAR.  That’s 9 of 13 major categories for third baseman.  His .319 batting average’s next closest is .279, his .439 on base percentage’s next closest is .351, his .638 slugging’s next closest is .504, and his 1.077 OPS’ next closest is .825.  Nobody is even close to as good as he is offensively, so I don’t even need to go into the defensive side of the ball.  I will anyway because he’s great there too.  Once moving to his natural spot at 3rd base this year, his put outs, errors, and fielding percentage are all in the top 5 at this position.  Yeah, I am going to overly praise most likely the only Twin on this list.

Left Field:

Brett Gardner, New York Yankees

Brett Gardner is quietly having a pretty great first quarter.  It’s quiet because of that 6’7″ monster in right field.  I’m guessing we will be getting to him later.  Gardner is a stud on the defensive side where he is 1st in fielding percentage and errors, and places in the top 5 in put outs, assists, and defensive WAR.  He’s also been stellar on the offensive side.  He’s first in runs, on base percentage, slugging, OPS, and WAR with a 32/.373/.527/.900/2.1 line.  He also places 2nd in average, 2nd in hits, and 3rd in homers.  The guy can do everything.  He needs some love.

Center Field:

Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

Fuckin Duh.  He’s winning every significant category on both sides of the ball except for stolen bases, hits, and doubles.  He’s losing hits and doubles to a guy that has 30 plus more at bats then him, and he’s down by like 2 on both.  Somebody stop him from another MVP please.  Maybe Miguel Sano…

Right Field:

Aaron Judge, New York Yankees

He’s awesome offensively, but don’t let that crazy diving catch he made the other night sway you on his defensive abilities.  He’s actually statistically a pretty bad defender compared to the other AL right fielders.  His offensive is legit though.  1st in dingers, slugging, OPS, OBS, runs, and second in average is great for a veteran and unimaginable for a rookie.  He’s doing it though.  He’s also second in the entire American League in WAR behind Trout.  I bet he doesn’t keep it up.

Designated Hitter:

Corey Dickerson, Tampa Bay Rays

I have never heard of this guy, but he’s not just some random dude.  He’s hit .312 in 436 at bats with the Rockies in 2014.  Now, he’s raking again.  His batting average, on base percentage, slugging, and OPS all lead American League Designated Hitters and are .345/.394/.644/1.037.  He also leads DHs in WAR, runs, hits, doubles, and home runs.  That’s insane.  He looks like I guy I would like.  I do like him now.  Seems like he’s about what I’m about.

Line Up:

  1. Mike Trout
  2. Francisco Lindoe
  3. Aaron Judge
  4. Corey Dickerson
  5. Miguel Sano
  6. Robinson Cano
  7. Yonder Alonso
  8. Salvador Perez
  9. Brett Gardner


Starting Pitcher:

Dallas Keuchel, Houston Astros

If you’re 7-0 and leading the AL in ERA and are second in WHIP, you’re probably the conferences best pitcher.  I really want to give this to Ervin Santana, but instead I’ll just talk about him instead.  His 6-2 record, along with his 2.07 ERA and .89 WHIP, is good for second, second, and third in the AL.  That’s pretty good for the otherwise atrocious Twins pitching staff.  It’s only a little worse than Keuchel’s 1.84 ERA and .86 WHIP.  It also must be mentioned that Chris Sale is leading the AL in strikeouts with 95 and WHIP at .79.

Relief Pitcher:

Craig Kimbrel

He’s first in saves with 12 and has an ERA and WHIP of .92 and .41.  That’s pretty much pure dominance in the most stressful role in baseball.  Applaud this man.

The National League will be out very soon.  Check for it.






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