We told you we were making moves, and this is about as big time a move that can be possibly made in the website/podcasting game.  BSHW’s “The O-Zone” and “The Shake Up” are live on iTunes as you read this.  There’s no higher platform that we can possible be on, then the one we just got added to.  If you don’t believe me, here’s all the proof you need:

OZone ApprovalShake Up Approval

If you need even more here you go:


There you have it Hard Woodies.  We’re officially on the same level of every other sports podcast and personalities that you know.  Throw us a 5 star rating, subscribe, download, and write a review, and we promise to take you to the top along with us.

Ways to find our podcasts on iTunes:

  1. Go to the purple podcast app on your Apple Product and search Balls Sacks and Hard Wood, “The O-Zone”, or “The Shake Up”.

2. Copy or click on the following links with your Apple device:

“The Shake Up”

“The O-Zone”


Stay tuned for the new Shake Up coming out later today.  Also, you can always, always find our podcasts on our website.  One last thing…

Stay Mothafuckin Hard



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