Question of the Day #1

I’m Starting a new blog where I’m simply going to ask a question, probably make a poll on Twitter, and see what your takes are on it.  If you all actually respond, I can do a compiled anonymous blog at the end of the day with all the answers and reasonings.  We’re intellectuals at BSHW, and we want to stimulate your brains at least a little bit everyday to make sure that you can still read our stuff.  So, with no further ado, here is the first question.

Would you rather get drunk with the boys/girls or go on a date night with your significant other?

This is a question straight from the Devil with two super good right and two really bad wrong answers depending on what side you’re on in the situation.  Somebody is going to be pissed off whether it’s whipped jokes from your friends or no adult games with your partner.  With most of the BSHW boys being in committed relationships, I figured this would be a good place to start.

I’m honestly afraid to answer this knowing my girlfriend and best friends.  That sentence right there along with not answering might be doing just as much damage.  Got to work up some courage to answer.  But not yet.

Stay Hard.




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