I had my first experience with online gambling and it was OK.

I decided yesterday that I would take O’Kane’s advice and start throwing money at professional sports.  I mean we do watch, talk, blog, and pod about sports about 24/7, so how could I lose right?  It has got to be pretty much free money.  I mean yes and no.

First Bets:

Minnesota Twins @ Cleveland Indians: Put 5$ on the over on 5 runs total through 5 innings for a chance to win $10.

First of all, I really only like the betting half game options on baseball because I’m impatient and baseball is too random to put money on a whole 9 innings.  So, I thought the Twins and Indians would easily combine to score 5 runs in 5 innings because they had only scored 1 total the night before, so they were due.  Also, the Twins were starting Jose Berrios in his 2017 debut, and the Indians were starting a guy for the second time this season.  I thought there would be plenty of mistakes early on, and I didn’t expect the starters to make it too far into the game resulting in plenty of runs.  The Twins ended up scoring 3 runs before the top of the 5th, and the Indians also had a run before the 5th too, so I had 4 going into the last inning.  I needed 1 run to get my money back and 2 to win, the Twins ended up getting a guy to second base with Miguel Sano up.  Of course, he Ks, and the Indians do nothing so I lose by one.

Chicago Cubs @ St. Louis Cardinals: Put $5 on the under of both teams will score less than 4 through the first 5 innings to win $10.

With aces Carlos Martinez and John Lester pitching, I figured they could easily get under.  Each were also coming off strong starts.  They ended up giving exactly 4 runs through 5 so I made my money back.

Second Bets:

Baltimore Orioles @ Kansas City Royals: Put $5 on both teams will score less than 4.5 runs through 5 innings to win $10.

Chris Tillman, Baltimore’s best pitcher, was starting for the best team in baseball Baltimore Orioles, and they were playing one of the most losing teams in the Kansas City Royals.  I thought this would be a low scoring game for sure.  I get to the 5th inning and the score is 1-1 so I figured I had already won because I had 2 runs to work with.  Nope.  The Royals give up a run in the top of the inning, and the Orioles give up 2 in the bottom.  I was so mad I was ready to quit the entire betting thing already.

Ottawa Senators @ Pittsburgh Penguins: I put $10 on the Senators winning outright to win $26.50.

I had checked the regular season schedule, and Ottawa beat the Pens 2 of the 3 times they played.  Ottawa also has extra rest due to the Penguins having to go 7 with the Capitals.  I thought they could pull one out for me.  The games starts, and the Senators score in the 1st period and hold the 1-0 lead until about 5 minutes left in the game.  Malkin for the Penguins tips a shot to 5 hole Craig Anderson on the most lucky goal of all time.  I’m starting to get heated, but the game goes to OT.  The announcers were going on and on about how the Senators are 5-1 in OT this postseason, so I thought I was completely jinxed, and it was over.  The Senators scored about 5 minutes into over time as Bobby Ryan netted a break away goal to win me some money.

On the day I ended up winning $6.50 cents.  I could probably buy a pack a cigs if I smoked, so I’ll take it as a win.



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