Are the Brewers Going to Win the World Series This Year?

As I watched my nemesis, the Chicago Cubs, win the world series last year in extremely dramatic fashion.  I instantly turned to my father and said, “The Brewers are going to come in second in the division next year, but in 2018 they will win the World Series”.  After last nights win over the Met’s I may have been off a year on the whole world series thing.

Starting pitching is still a major issue, their starters are only averaging five innings per start.  The performance the bullpen put on after Zach Davies was pulled after the fifth inning, was absolutely incredible.  The Met’s may not have the record to show it, but they are for sure a team that can beat you with extreme ease, I mean they were in the World Series just two years ago, and their team hasn’t really changed much in those two years.

Their batting has been an absolute game changer these last two games, Friday we saw a four run sixth inning and last night we witnessed an eight run fifth inning, which involved a bases loaded double by Aguilar; and a three run homer by Mayor of Ding Dong City, Travis Shaw.  Offence has not been an issue this whole year for the Brew Crew, they have had a lead in nearly every game so far this year.  This is just a fun team to watch win.  Craig Counsell has taken control of this team and created fucking beauty of a team, that has the capacity to become the best in the world with some more work.

Just a locker room full of guys being dudes and it is really fun to watch, since i know whats coming in the years to come.

— Duder


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