Sergio Garcia is Beyond High on Life

I’m starting writing this at 6:09 a.m., so odds are, it’s going to be a pretty good day.  We don’t usually talk about golf here at BSHW, but that’s gotta change because I’m going to be tearing up the links this summer, figuratively because I plan on being good as shit.  I’m actually going out for the first time tomorrow, so be prepared for my rant about the game after reality hits me like sock full of rocks.

Speaking of reality, Sergio Garcia probably forgot what that word means.  He’s still basking in his glory as the current Master’s Champion after his first career major win in the tournament.  Shooting a -9 under at Augusta to beat Justin Rose in an extra hole on golf’s biggest stage is quite the big deal.  Here’s a few stats about it.  It was his 74th start in a PGA major tournament meaning he played approximately 5,328 holes of losing golf in major tournaments.  The win also placed his first all-time in major top-10 finishes, meaning he was won of the first 9 losers the more than anybody else.


Regardless, that win erased his name as the biggest major loser in history.  Don’t worry, Alex Ovechkin effortlessly slid into first and has that spot locked up.  Sergio’s riding that momentum harder than…well I’m sure you’re all creative enough to think of your own analogy, but I’ll do it for you anyway…Skip Bayless riding Zeke’s and Dak’s dongers.

Sergio continued his winning life ways with a hole in one at the Player’s yesterday on the famous island green hole #17 of TPC Sawgrass.

He drops an absolute three burst milk dart over the water right into the hole.  Flawless technique.  I’m a Sergio guy, so I really like to see this, and I’m just hoping some of his luck rubs onto me for this weekend.  Make sure to keep checking out BSHW all day for great articles, blogs, and pods from the boys.  We’re always making moves.



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