How Does 2K Come Up With This Bullshit

Seriously? How does 2K invent these multitudes of bullshit it throws at you during every single fucking game.  Did the company just hire an anger management class and set them all off at once on us?  I know each and every one of you reading this article can relate to this.  I honestly haven’t been a part of any game in my life where the word bullshit wasn’t shouted along with a string of other hundreds of profanities, hell, maybe even thousands during a typical 24 minute game.  I’m sure the situation is a little different for most of you reading this.  Your typical scenario probably involves smashing all the chips in your Doritos bag, punching down a mountain dew tower, and breaking the control after you threw it.  Yeah, I know what you guys are like.  Regardless, no matter who you are, 2K will track you down, and they will fuck you over.  These are just a few things that happened to my friends, and I today as we were just trying to enjoy a couple of rounds of a great video game:

  1. The Celtics missed every shot of the 2nd quarter until Goran Dragic missed a wide open 3 with 5 seconds left, then Jae Crowder rebounded the shot under the basket and proceeded to swish it, full court style.
  2. James Harden made back to back “and 1s” when he wasn’t looking at the basket, was parallel to the ground, and was shooting right handed.
  3. The Pacers were down 3 with 5 seconds left, and CJ Miles proceeded to thrown the ball out of bounds on the other side of the court, nobody touched it, when Paul George was standing at the top of the key…wide open.
  4. The Pelicans went 5-11 on free throws in one game.
  5. Isaiah Thomas missed back to back wide open threes when down by 10+ then Goran Dragic hit a 3 as time expired from Curry range.
  6. Anthony Davis made a spin move in the middle of the lane to get wide open on the right side for a dunk then randomly decided to go for a reverse layup and was blocked out of the gym.

These were just the bullshit antics that 2K pulled in just 3 games.  I wasn’t even counting the typical 10 missed layups, 20 missed wide open threes, the missed 90 plus rated free throw, and the center getting blocked by a point guard situations that always highlight any game of 2K.  There’s nothing worse than those…except when the white pass circle is on the wide open cutter down the middle of the lane, and right when you press X, the circle switches to the double covered guy in the opposite corner.  We all deal with the bullshit in our own ways, but we all know we’re never going to stop playing the amazing game that 2K is.  However, the guys at BSHW still want to hear stories, watch videos, and see pictures of your worst 2K moments.  DM us on Twitter or Instagram, or just reply with your story on this article’s tweet.  We’ll try to collect them all into one big article of donkey shit that we all get pissed just looking out.  It will be awesome.



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