Shaq Got Illegal Money at LSU? Yea no shit. 

Where there is college sports there are 18 year olds getting put up in nice ass apartments and driving shiny new cars. That’s how it has been that’s how it’s always been. College sports is alllllll about the perks baby. Yea sure the university is covering your upwards of $100,000 worth of student debt but you need a Benz!  But during a recent interview Shaq was asked about his son and going to LSU. Here’s what the big fella had to say about that one. 

It’s no surprise to anyone, or it shouldn’t be that Shaq got set up fat for being one of the best recruits this sport’s ever seen.  Now Shaq Daddy just wants to set his son up for his four years (prolly one year). Because if I know anyone who needs a pair of cars and a nice house payed for by someone else it’s the O’Neal family.  According to Shaq’s net worth hangs somewhere in the $400 million range.  So Shaq, you do you and if you wana drag your son down with you go for it. Shareef is the ranked 31st in the country for the 2018 class and is rising. Should be an interesting finish for his recruiting trail. 



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