The Mystery Jersey is No Longer a Mystery

fe1NcqH5.jpg largeoLv0Lq5E.jpg large

Balls, Sacks, & Hard Wood keeps their word, because we’re the real deal.  Winner Brice Almquist finally received his jersey over a month after the NCAA tournament finished, thanks China.  More importantly, Yes, I did get him a Christian Laettner Jersey, because I am still salty as shit that I lost.  He beat me fair in square, but since I was in charge of buying the jersey, I guess Mr. Almquist gets to rep, arguably, the most hated college basketball player of all time.  I hope that people talk shit to you about it, but only in good fun…kinda.  Even more importantly, let’s bring BSHW to the top, we’ll always keep our promises, and we’ll keep delivering for you, the fans.  Shout out to Brice for potentially being the hardest woody out there, and stay hard.



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