Lonzo Ball Dropping Some Bars?


I’ve been seeing this little mix around twitter and the web all morning and early afternoon created apparently by Lonzo Ball and DC The Don, who I think is one of Lonzo’s friends.  Nothing here really surprised me or was noteworthy.  Lonzo dropping a track was basically guaranteed to happen at some point after that video of him, his brother, and some friends came out last year of Zo free styling in his car.

I mean we all saw this coming, maybe not before he made it in the league, but definitely at some point in his career.  Most online sports media companies like Bleacher Report and Barstool along with other sites are saying it’s actually pretty good and praising the ball player.  I mean I think its fine.  It sounds like any other professional athlete’s music career.  I even think it’s kinda boring because it really has no highs and lows, just kinda the same flow throughout the course of 2 minutes without anything getting me hyped or head bouncing.  I’m not really a music guy, some might say musically challenged, but I don’t know.  I didn’t care for it too much.  The opinions from twitter are all over the place from “He drops bars!!” to “stick to basketball.”  Mostly just mediocre praise for not sucking.  Sorry, I sound so bored writing this.  I just don’t really care, but people like to know about them.  Just doing my duty.



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