In Honor of Lonzo Ball’s Track, Here’s a List of Other Professional Athlete Musicians and Their Works.

SHAQ (NBA Hall of Famer):

I’m not even sure young Shaq was as toned as that middle album cover.  We need to hire his Photoshop guy.


Bronson Arroyo (Pitcher for the Cinncinati Reds):

Related image
He kinda looks like Chad Kroeger too.  Ehh emphasis on the kinda.


Manny Pacuiao (Floyd Mayweather’s Bitch):

That’s some soulful, humanitarian shit right there.


Kobe Bryant (Basketball Legend):

Kobe’s only featured in this guy’s song, so I don’t know if it really counts.  The best part of it is Brian McKight keeps showing videos of him balling in the music video even though he has Kobe featured in it.  Is he better at basketball than Kobe?  Why didn’t they show Kobe playing basketball?  This question should have been asked a long time ago.


Deion Sanders (NFL Hall of Famer):

Most of these songs are very self-centered on how good at sports all these people are, but this one might be the most narcissistic one of all.


Dwight Howard (NBA Center for the Atlanta Hawks):

This one is the opposite of self-centered.  Dwight did it for the kids.  (This is also my favorite one.)


John Daly (Professional Bad Ass):

This one is my new favorite.  The opening part of the video speaks to everything that I stand for in life.


Nick Cum Swisher (Baseball Piece of Shit):

This is actually the worst thing I have ever listened to in my entire life.  I went deaf twice, Vincent Van Goghed myself, and bled from my ear drums.  Fuck you Nick Swisher, fuck you.  Seriously awful though.


Juice (Running Back for the Pittsburgh Steelers):

Anybody can get down to Skip Bayless hate, Fuck him.


Dame Dolla (Point Guard for the Trail Blazers):

I like this.

There’s many many many more professional athlete musicians.  These were just some I liked or really hated.




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