“Cover Your Ass 5/8/17”

So I put 20 on the Cavs to cover a 7 point spread yesterday and they made me sweat out a 30 rack of Busch Light as they toyed with that spread. Luckily they covered it and I’m sitting pretty so here’s what I have for today. 

So with yesterday showcasing three NBA games and two NHL matchups the docket is pretty empty with each league having one game tonight. So to change it up I parlayed between the only basketball and hockey games on today. Also I have a separate baseball bet as today there aren’t a whole lot of matchups I like there. Might not be a bad day to go betless but I’m an addict so I need my fix. 


Nationals @ Orioles

  • Gio Gonzalez takes the hill tonight with his 3-0 1.64 era stat line 
  • Washington has won 4 of last 5 with a loss in extras last night 
  • Vegas moneyline says EVEN 

Surprisingly Vegas took the easy route and went even on this line. I think with their recent success and Gonzalez on the mound the Nats should win this one. Good shot at doubling your money. 

Parlay Bet

So with this I was mostly just frustrated that I could only pick one game from each sport and I figured I might as well take a shot at winning big. 

Game 1 

Warriors @ Jazz

Game 4 looking for a sweep the Warriors are the 8.5 point favorite in Game 4. I decided against betting this. Instead I’m looking for the Warriors to get hot early as I put money on the first half spread which has Golden State by at least 4.5. A much better option than the final spread. 

Game 2

Caps @ Pens

Game 6, or the last time we get to hear it’s “the Cap’s year”. I think the Penguins are gunna punch the Caps in the mouth tonight. In Pittsburgh. Fully healthy Crosby. I’ve got Pens on the moneyline. 

Good luck with this one 😅



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