Seis de My God I’m Hungover

Fuck Tequilla. Okay now that that’s out of the way……… Well it was fun as shit while it lasted. To say “Seis de Mayo” was a failure would be a stretch because my goodness when it was ragin’ it was ragin’. What I basically picked up on was that this was a party for the football guys who just wrapped up spring practice, which is prolly the single worst thing ever instituted in D3 football.  There was margaritas, beersby, pong, good lookin girls and a lotta cheap beer. The stage was set for one helluva day until the police decided to get involved.  Now I may be spoiled spending my weekends in Oshkosh because cops just don’t do a whole lot.  Unless the party is wayyyyy over the top they’ll hang around and maybe shut it down.  The Lax PD was having NONE of Seis de Mayo. Between the littered beer to the incredible DJ setup to Connor barely knowing his own name by 3pm it didn’t take long for the boys in blue to show up.  Everyone went their separate ways and I was gunna chalk it up as a “W” until I looked at my phone and it read “3:45”. The worst part of the day. That awkward gap between darty time and party time (yeah there’s a difference you twat).  We did however end up meeting up with some guys from my area and went to a pair of other decent parties. Also had a nice nightcap on top of that.  All in all I’d say Lax was a great time but man, it’ll always be what could have been.  Hopefully Sies de Mayo will be back next year again. As always I hope y’all had a great weekend cuz I’m hungover as shit. Do well on finals these next two weeks cuz we’ve got 3 months of partying back home. 

Warriors Blew a 3-1 Lead,

Oh yea, hopefully this guy got home safe cuz we were conserened ​​



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