Fuck the Raptors

People are always talking shit to others me about being salty about certain situations.  “Saaaaaaaaaaaalty”, “You salty right now?”, or “Salt City” are common phrases people yell at me when I’m pissed off because I don’t like something that happened.  Well, you know what, I AM FUCKING SALTY ABOUT SHIT.  Especially, when my favorite teams lose.  Guess who my most hated teams in the the world are…the Florida Gators, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Toronto Raptors.  I HATE all of them with a flaming passion.  And, of course, I’m still salty as shit that the Raptors beat the Bucks.  I don’t get why people want the team that beat them to go on and win it all, so that they can say, “We were beat by the best.”  No fuck that.  I wanted the Raptors to get brutally murdered in every game by the Cavs, so they would go home every night and cry themselves to sleep as they reconsidered their choices in life.  I absolutely wanted the Raptors to get swept, and I cheered louder than ever when it actually happened.   Fuck the Raptors, Go Bucks, LeBron GOAT.


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