Lebron Isn’t Much of A Beer Guy? Lets Take A Closer Look

Lebron James is no recovering alcoholic, he is a full fledged alcoholic mess of a human being.  I could understand coming to the conclusion that he is simply a recovering alcoholic if you study only the video that came out the other night.  When all factors are taken into account, it’s obvious that Lebron is an alcoholic who only drinks beer and the occasional four shots of vodka in a little over one minute on national television.  Dude’s got serious issues.

First things first, I had some major issues with the post game press conference when the reporter asked why he did that; somehow someway he was able to spin that into saying he was a big wine guy… interesting, considering all of the Lebron drinking incidents I remember only include beer and four shots of vodka in one minute on national television which is aired right when the children are getting out of school so they for sure saw that and now will forever think that taking four shots in a minute is some sort of “fun” game they can play, some role model.  Anyways, bron bron said that he pretended to drink that beer as a joke; not so fast my friend.  He CLEARLY picked it up and pretended to take a sip as an easy way to joke his way out of the fact that he was smelling the beer to regain that slight buzz that he must have lost while playing.  Everybody knows that alcohol can be absorbed through the lungs which is why my theory has no holes in it what so ever.


Think about it, Lebron at the world series? he was drinking beer, like every time he was there.  I saw a picture of him at a club during my research what was he drinking? a beer.  this stuff just can’t be made up, folks.  Lebron is such a bad dude he has to lie about what he was doing when he inhaled that alcohol, AND he lied about the fact he is for sure more of a beer guy than a wine guy.  The fact that anybody likes this asshole just makes me want to puke in my mouth and choke on it.


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