“Cover Your Ass 5/5/17”

So I’m back from two days off of betting. Didn’t have a whole lot of time but I went even on Tuesday but it’s time to make a bar tab for the weekend. 


Nationals vs Phillies

  • Strasburg on the hill. Nuff said
  • Phillies have lost six of last seven 
  • Moneyline Washington -165

I like the Nats on the moneyline. Think they should win this one with Strasburg on the bump and the Phillies playing like shit lately.  

Indians vs Royals

  • KC sends out Hammel who’s 0-3 with a 6.65 ERA 
  • KC is 2-9 in last 11 games
  • Moneyline has Cleveland -149

Another moneyline for baseball has me a little on edge but it seems safe with the Royals being a completely different team than expected this year and Hammel has gotten SHELLED this year. 


Cavs @ Raptors

  • LeBron James
  • LeBron James
  • Cleveland is -3

Throw big money. Vegas is overcompensating homecourt advantage. Did I mention LeBron’s playing?  Roll damn Cavs. 

Spurs @ Rockets

  • Split 1-1
  • Spurs took Game 2
  • Houston -4.5

This one’s tough but I feel like the line’s a little close. I’m gunna bet Spurs here and go against the spread. But don’t throw big figures at this game. Just enjoy how good of a game it will be. Maybe bet the over when that comes out. 


Nashville @ St. Louis

  • Nashville leads 3-1
  • Nashville has lost 1 game this playoffs 
  • Moneyline has St. Louis -110

I’ll go against Vegas. I’m fully ready to ride the Preds all the way to the cup. This team’s playing real good hockey. 

Edmonton @ Anaheim 

  • Split 2-2
  • Ducks have taken last 2 
  • Moneyline has Anaheim -135

I’ll take the Ducks here.  The Oilers let them get hot and now they’re back home and could take the lead. I’m with you Vegas. Ducks tonight. 


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