The Fate of Teddy Two-Gloves

The Minnesota Vikings will decline their 5th year option on QB Teddy Bridgewater. This following a year that poor Ted had a severe knee injury and the Vikings gave up a first and fourth round draft pick to acquire Sam “My ACL’s Suck” Bradford. With this trade we found out that the Vikings definitely have a “type” for quarterbacks. Much like us guys have a type of girl: Connor likes girls name Ashley Forrest, Mitch likes blondes, sonny likes girls with a pulse, and O’kane’s type is remained to be seen because he’s playing the field, the Vikings have a thing for quarterbacks with bad knees that don’t throw the ball downfield.

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Both of these guys throw for a good completion percentage (Bradford with a record 71.6% last year). There completion percentage is not, however, indicative of their skill. Their yards per attempt is LOW, Bridgewater is at 7.2 Y/att for his career and Bradford is at 6.6 Yd/att. To give you guys a control variable to compare these numbers to I will tell you Alex Smith’s career Yards/Attempt: 6.8. That’s right, Alex Smith, the poster boy for game managing QB’s that don’t throw the ball downfield, has a higher yards per passing attempt than Bradford over their careers.

Now I already can’t imagine how bad it sucks to be a Vikings fan, but it makes it that much worse to be stuck with a QB with no balls. Screw the plotting, West Coast, offense. As a fan I’m looking for Tuggies and big plays. Also, we at BSHW all grew up watching Brett Favre so we know that the big plays come along with interceptions, but we also know that that is the most enjoyable brand of football. So Viking fans… I feel bad for you, but… as always… GET RIGHT.

Going forward for Minnesota, I think at this point you have to stick with Bradford. It is unclear if Teddy will be healthy for this year and Zimmer has already said Bradford is the starter. They already gave up two draft picks for Sam and if they were to sign Ted to a 5th year he would be due for a $12.2 million contract. Not worth the trouble with Teddy, who’s ceiling will be throwing 20 touchdowns and 3,000 yards. In this case the Vikings made the right choice and may be an improved offensive team with their newly drafted backfield and up-in-coming group of wideouts. But of course, the Vikings will continue to play second fiddle to the Packers for many years to come.

Closing thoughts: Get right Minnesota, we have more lakes than you, and Sam Bradford, you need to cut your god damn sleeves shorter, you look like a fool. Thanks for reading.

-D3 Second String Starting QB

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