“Sunny Clothing Co” is Today’s Scam of the Day!

C’mon ladies, really?  I feel like I see this a handful of times every year. Some company, starving for followers, posts something on their Instagram promising “free” product for reposting one of their posts. This time around “Sunny Clothing Co” is the culprit.  Their promise is that for everyone who reposts a picture of a cute blonde in a red one piece, they will receive said one piece as long as you pay the shipping and handling fee.  I’ve got no problem with this at all and I’ll tell you why.  This company is ran by a couple of bros (Alan Alchalel on the left and Brady Silverwood on the right) who are studying business at the University of Arizona. They made a decent amount of money selling their university-colored skirts that girls from “28 different universities” wore to college football tailgates.  One great thing theses guys do is donate $1 to The Alzheimer’s Foundation if you post something with the #sunnycares. With that being said, normally the swimsuits on their site go for $100 or more. If you’re delusional enough to think that the red swimsuit you’re receiving is anywhere near the quality of the other suits, I’m surprised you can actually read what I’m writing. 

I love the idea these guys have. Shipping normally on their website is $8 and that could be raised for this promo. I bet this suit, when produced in the bulk they’ll be getting costs less than $5 to make. This post is being reposted by literally millions of teenage and young adult girls across the country. You do realize you won’t be able to wear this suit because by the end of their 24 hour deadline all of these girls will receive the same code for the same exact suit.  If people see you in this they’ll know that you sold out for a $5 swimsuit. The suit will have no worth at all. 

Shoutout to these guys though. They took the money made off their skirts to produce an extremely cheap suit that will 1.) Make them at least a decent amount of money if not a lot and 2.) Market their brand to millions of people all across the country.  

They actually have decedent suits and other products on their website. I bet these guys will set themselves up for at least a little while as their company’s popularity will skyrocket and they’ll rake in money from college aged girls who will do anything for cheap clothing. There’s two ways this plays out. Either they send out the promos and mass produce the shit out of those suits, bringing in popularity and money or they have pulled one of the best trolls the internet has ever seen.  Either way if you’re gunna post it make sure you use the hashtags so at least some positivity can come out of this. 

3 days till the weekend kids,



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