BSHW Daily Grind of 5/2/2017

There’s nothing I love more than giving back to the fans, and that’s what this new blog is all about.  I get it.  Most of the people that read this blog are young adults in college or the workforce just trying to get by.  You guys don’t have time to sit your ass down, tune into multiple sports games, scan twitter, read articles, and do the things necessary to blast your friends with your sports information expertise.  You’re all pretty lucky, because I’m going to do it for you.  I’m going to coach you up a little bit.  This daily blog will feature all the top sports news from the day, the score of every major game, and everything else I view pertinent to allow you, The Hard Woodies, to at least compete in any sports conversation with your friends, family, colleagues, or douche bag enemies.  I can give you the tools to succeed, but you need to figure out your own way to get the job done.

Important News:

1. Nick Saban signs 3 year contract extension to total his deal to 8 years, $65 million.

He’s getting paid $11.125 million this year, which is, according to Forbes, more than the combined $10.91 million expected to be made by his first rounders Marlon Humphrey, Jonathan Allen, O.J. Howard, and Reuben Foster next year in salary.  (I divided each of their salaries by 4 for 4 year contracts and then added them together.)

2. The Boston Red Sox organization is in fits after Adam Jones said he was called derogatory racist terms by the fans while they were throwing shit at them.

Maybe this explains why the Patriots receiving corps last year was Julian Edleman, Chris Hogan, and Danny Amendola.  Is the city of Boston Racist?

3. Jamaal Charles signed a 1 year, $3.75 million deal with the Denver Broncos.

I have an all red Chiefs Charles jersey so fuck me right.

NBA Playoffs:

Washington Wizards @ Boston Celtics (Game 2)

Box: Celtics win 129-119 to go up 2-0

Highlights: Apparently Isaiah Thomas is icy as fuck.  I say apparently because I don’t believe in him.  I’m still unconvinced if AI couldn’t lead his team to winning a Finals, then Isaiah definitely can’t.

Utah Jazz @ Golden State Warriors (Game 1)

Box: Warriors win 106-94 to go up 1-0 in the series

Highlights: Don’t let the score fool you.  The Warriors were killing the Jazz the entire game.  I didn’t really see the difference between them and Trail Blazers.  Warriors looking unbeatable so far, and I fucking hate it.  I hate super teams, makes kids watching the NBA too soft, especially when they watch Curry and think it’s fine to shoot 3s from anywhere, anytime.

NHL Playoffs:

Ottawa Senators @ New York Rangers (Game 3):

Box: Rangers win 4-1, but Senators still lead series 2-1


St. Louis Blues @ Nashville Predators (Game 4):

Box: Predators win 2-1 to take a 3-1 series lead


MLB Regular Season:

Box Scores for 5/2/2017

Highlights: The only thing that really matters is the Minnesota Twins hit 6 dingers and scored all their runs off the long ball.

Also, This Guy on Twitter Says Racism is Dead!

And this. Usually, I’m super against players calling out pitchers for throwing at them becuase if you don’t want to play the game, go the fuck home.  However, in this situation, I want to see Manny Machado charge the pitcher and just start fuckin’ swinging at any Red Sox player in his way.  I would pay pay-per-view for that.



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