Pitching Struggles: Offence and Defense Prevail as Brewers Collect 14th Win.

Compared to years past, the Brew Crew’s year has started out HOT.  A sweet 14-13 record to begin the second month of the season; this is a major step in the right direction for a team that seams it has been in a rebuilding stage since 2013 when they began trading players like Norichika Aoki and John Axford.  The Crew managed to make it out of April with a cool .500 win percentage, previous campaigns have resulted in win percents of .227 and .348 in 2015 and 2016.

Brewers fans should be ecstatic about this teams start to the season.  Young players are beginning to mature, Rookies are showing incredible skill, and corner stones of this team are doing the things they are in the Majors to do.  This team is ranked 1st in home runs (47), 2nd in doubles (52) and 3rd in runs (135).  The offence has clearly been holding up their end.

One look at their pitching stats will tell you everything you need to know about why this team isn’t 21-6.  They have had a lead in 25 of their 27 games.  Their ability to hold leads has been absolutely atrocious, and will need to improve greatly in order to win the World Series next year.  The good news is that, strictly by the eye test, their pitching has been improving this last week or so.  the defense has been pretty bad, but shows flashes of amazing play.

Heres some Uecker and B.A. calling some of by best sports memories


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