Is LeBron James a Recovering Alcoholic?

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Peak trolling by LeBron 😂

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Where’s this man’s sponser? Because we need to applaud his work as well as the AA of downtown Cleveland for working wonders.  I know when I get done jogging half way to first base on a fly out in beer league softball, the first think I’m doing when I get to that bench is taking a delicious, delectable, ice-cold drink of a Busche Latté.  I couldn’t even imagine the thirst level a National Basketball Association game would create within a person.  If I were out there I’d be pounding high lifes like they were going to be extinct the next day.  The only thing that can explain this is that LeBron’s recovering from chronic alcoholism, and he got that tiny urge to just get fuckin hammered after a making a great play.  Fortunately, he held his cool.  Thank for being you today LeBron.



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