If You Wear Your Shirt Like This, I Hate You

I have been biting my tongue on this for quite some time now.  Just lurking in the shadows waiting for this fad to pass through and for everything to get back to normal.  Dudes are willingly walking out of their dorms, apartments and houses looking like a complete nerd-gomer all the while thinking that they look cool.  I haven’t seen any hate for this trend on the internet yet and I think it is high time someone stood up, and condemned it once and for all.  Why would anyone EVER think it would be a good idea to dress like total hipster trash?  I really have no idea how to answer my own question.  All of these fools are dressing like Mr. Garrison and think that they look cool doing it.  I will not have it any longer.  I have no more words so I guess I’ll just leave it at that.

Image result for mr garrison without a tie
People actually think that this looks cool.  Think about that for a minute.

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