Mifflin Was Nuts…. Again….Obviously

As quickly as it came, Mifflin weekend is over.  For the most part Mifflin was a complete success drawing thousands yet again.  With the rain holding off until the late afternoon the stage was set for a legendary day of “dartying”.  For me, I stuck mostly to my Do’s and Don’ts list.  We did have a hard time getting it going on Saturday morning after Friday night’s $6 pizza deal gave us some of the worst gut rot I’ve ever had.  Also I had a lot of great suggestions from all of you who came up and said hi.  That led me to want to know how everyone else’s weekend went so I had people send in stories or pics or videos.  First off, you guys have to chill the fuck out.  Some of these I couldn’t even put on here out of fear that I could get in trouble for knowing about it.  Regardless, here were a couple of my favorites that I am able to post safely.  Names have been changed out for good reason.


“My buddy and I went upstairs at a house party to do a line of coke.  As we were rolling up a bill a kid walked up stairs asking if there was a bathroom up there.  This kid was a freshmen from Marian who had never done any drug in his life.  He proceeded to join us and do a few lines.”

– Jackson

Big Boy status.  Steps up to the plate as a freshman and rips a couple of fat lines of Columbia’s finest.  Poor kid prolly thinks that’s how coke works in Madison.  Nice.

“A friend of mine was celebrating his 21st on Friday night.  He never had any types of drinking tickets on his record.  On Saturday he got a drunken disorderly and spent the day in the drunk tank.”

– Kyle

This will be me September 14th 2017.  Mark your calendars.

“We waited 60+ minutes trying to get into “liquid’ (I believe this is a club?).  When we finally got in my drunk friend decided to pick a fight and we were escorted out.  We lasted 15 minutes and I didn’t even get to touch my $10 drink.”

– Alex

Never really been a club guy.  Definitely not down waiting over an hour for $10 drinks.  I’ll just stick to power hour at the Nitty Gritty.Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 7.06.54 PM.png

garry2.PNGClutch when the Uber has a side job while doing a side job.  Dealing and Driving.  Also way to tag the company Noah.  Sure that’ll go over great.  Below was Garry just before that Uber ride and to the right was him during the day.  The kid didn’t need a Xanax.

jakedead.pngSaw some girl come out of CVS crying because they didn’t sell cigs”

– Ally

At about this point of the day I would have cried over cigs too.  Pretty unamerican of CVS to not sell tobacco products.

“I fell asleep at Macdons and my buddies left me there until someone called the cops.  No ticket, just pissed.”

– Cole

Cole, you need new friends.

“Didn’t tell my boyfriend I was going to Mifflin.  He wasn’t going either.  Turns out we were both lying because I saw him making out with another girl.  Single as a Pringle now.”

– Kayla

If both of you had to lie about going to Mifflin, maybe this relationship was already over.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 7.23.51 PM.png“I broke one of the do’s and don’ts.  Wore my Yeezy’s out with thoughts of being cautious and got wayyyyy too drunk.  Now I don’t even know where they are.”

Trust the fucking article.  I think my buddy Pinch has your shoe by the way.                  ———>

“By noon my buddy was a bottle deep, we then found him passed out on someone’s porch at 2pm.  He pissed himself, lost his phone and lost his wallet.”

– Ryan

This is why you don’t put a couch on the porch.  They’re drunk magnets.  Ryan’s buddy at least passed out.  My friend Ben refused to go down and what a result it was.

“Went out and got drunk from about 7am till 3pm.  Me and a buddy went up to our friend’s room to smoke.  We stayed there for six hours until I passed out and he left to get pizza.”

– Nate

Ahhhh the devil’s lettuce would not be considered a wise choice after a day of excessive drinking.

“I was offered what I believed to be coke.  It was all lined up on the table.  What the cute blonde forgot to tell me was that it wasn’t coke.  It was Molly.  I continued to roll my balls off until about six in the morning.”

Just, wow.

Watch this video of Angela trying to be a badass at Ians Pizza.

Not sure who this girl is but I saw the video on twitter.  Apparently she was attempting to gun a Four Loco at Ian’s Pizza.  Really bold move there Angela.

Check out the dime that this mother fucker served up yesterday.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 7.34.44 PM.png

65 citations this year out of twelve thousand.  .5% of attendees were cited and to think they wanted to shut this down a few years ago.

Ope, shit, itttt’s Garry again.  You’re damn right I was the one chanting “Jump” at the top of my lungs.  I’m all about content baby.

Madison, thank you again for one helluva weekend, cheers friends,




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