Why does Isaiah Thomas loosing his Tooth Even Matter?

I don’t see why Isaiah Thomas losing his tooth is so “bad ass” or “cool” because I forgot that basketball is played with the inside of your mouth.  If this is Joey Chestnut at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, then I see the bravery.  But, Isaiah Thomas did nothing special here.  I’ll tell you something magical.  When I was in like 5th grade travel league baseball, I was pitching with 2 outs left in the last inning, and the kid hit a pop-up right inbetween me and the catcher.  Neither one of us called it, classic fundamental error, and the hard bone that sticks out on his wrist hit my front tooth and knocked into my mouth.  And guess what.  I caught it and held on, and I was like 9 years old.  Yes, I do like to think of myself as a hero.  I did it for the team, the fans, and the game.  Isaiah playing after the tragedy of his sister is special, not this.  Also, if you get a mouth guard like Curry, I don’t even want to know what I’ll do.

P.S. Here’s some research I did for this about Major League Eating.  Apparently that is a real thing.  Why, seriously why?




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