The Draft is Making Me Realize there is a Major Cuck Situation Going on with the Raiders

I don’t know if I’m the only one thinking this, but hear me out.  The original Oakland Raiders fans are getting cucked by the people of Las Vegas, of course fucking sin city.  Think about it, the Raiders are the wife whom the original Oakland Raiders had been banging for years, then the Raiders decide their sex life is too boring and they need an adventure.  Enter the city of Las Vegas.  They walked into a once in a lifetime opportunity to smash Oakland’s girl as the cuck.  They also get to keep her for the immediate future.  The NFL really fucked over the city of Oakland here.  I’m honestly sorry that you had to be the cuckee of the Las Vegas cuckers.  Hey, I guess if your willing to pay 2 billion to fuck someone else’s girl, you deserve it.  That actually brings me to my last question, how much would you pay to cuck someone?  I wouldn’t because I’m in a faithful relationship, but I’m curious to what you animals on the internet would pay.  Untitled-1


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