John Lynch is an NFL Draft Wizard


John Lynch just convinced the Chicago Bears to trade 4 picks, including the #3 overall, to move up one pick to the #2, and I’m pretty sure the 49ers got their guy anyway.  I don’t know what’s the bigger surprise, that the Bears GM Ryan Pace arguabley had a brain aneurysm, or that John Lynch, the ex-FOX broadcaster who was thrown into the shit tornado that is the 49ers management without any prior experience, just managed to trade rape the Bears.  I mean this shit is worse than a family fantasy league where the dad tells his 5 year old that Cody Kessler is actually Batman in order to get David Johnson from him.  All John Lynch has to do the rest of the draft is pick conservatively, Ted Thompson-esque.  And as for Ryan Pace, I guess he either watched a lot of Mike Glennon’s off-season workouts or Napolean Dynamite too many times.  Either way shelling out 45 mil over 3 years for Glennon along with 3 other picks to allow Trubisky to learn from Chicago’s coaching staff (who’s latest accomplishment is Jay Cutler) for his first few years seems pretty awful.  I hope it doesn’t work out.  John Lynch early favorite for Draft MVP.


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