Bucks vs Raptors Game 6 Halftime Report

giannisWell the Bucks find themselves down at the half by a score of 51-38 and yet again we find the young Bucks in a offensive lull.  Giannis leads the way so far with 18 but Milwaukee only has five players who have scored.  Only Delly has scored off the bench with six and we haven’t even seen Beasley yet.  Not sure what Jason Kidd is doing with the rotation right now with Thon Maker only playing nine minutes and Monroe had only four.  That NEEDS to change if things are to change.  The refs have been iffy at times but they aren’t completely controlling the game as many fans may think.  The Bucks are shooting 36% from the field and 11% from three.

On the Toronto side Demar DeRozan has 16 and their bench has given them 19 points.  Valanciounas continues to prove he’s the biggest douche bag on the court with multiple occurrences where there’s a Buck on the floor while he’s standing over them.  Toronto continues to drive and find open shooters as they’ve hit four shots from behind the arc in the first.  The Raptors also currently are ahead on the boards outrebounding the Bucks 25 to 18.

If Milwuakee is going to climb back in the second half they’re going to win this one.  More production from their bench and more minutes for Moose and Thon should help us cut this lead down.  Also shoutout to the Bears for proving to everyone that Mike Glennon is going to be one of the highest paid backups of all time.


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