New Hire – O’Kane

Just around 365ish days ago I was sitting in my dorm room at University of Wisconsin Steven’s Point faced with an option. Do I want to continue my pursuit of a Physical Education degree and choose to shape the minds of the American youth? Or, do I transfer back home and party JUCO style for a year to save some coin while switching to a new major.  Little did I know this was basically already chosen for because there was no way in hell I’d have the GPA to get into the School of Ed but that’s a different story in itself.

You see I went to Point to obviously go to school but also to play football. In high school I was the kind of quarterback who might put up 300 yards but I’d be good for at least three picks a game. At Point I got my ass blasted by an All American defensive end and plenty of other beasts while playing scout team. Weirdly enough I loved it, but sadly, as all things do, football came to an end.  My knees were completely shot from years of sitting behind the dish on the baseball diamond.  Regardless, I returned to my parents house in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Earlier this fall I began messing around with a sports blog and had the opportunity to call high school football games on the radio. It wasn’t much but it was a nice hobby. Now, I’ve decided to go all in on this hobby and take a shot at making it a career.  In a perfect world my own blog blows up and I sign on to a deal with some big media outlet.  Now, I’ve had offers to work with other sports blogs and podcasts but I didn’t see the right fit.  Whether it was restrictions on what I could write about or stupid deadlines, each blog had its ups and downs.

Fast forward to April 25, 2017.  As I’m watching the JV baseball team I help with murder a poor group of kids from Marinette 22-0, I got a text from an old friend I played some ball with at Point. Now I had heard of BSHW before. I didn’t know any of the guys involved and when I was approached to join I was cautious not to make a decision too quickly. Well just as quickly I said fuck that when I realized these guys have similar backgrounds to me and since they’ve already got a decent following with a podcast and a nice format it seemed as thought it would be perfect.  Also they’ll be giving me freedom to write about whatever I want to cover (uncensored) and that was huge for me. Now, here I am ready to take off on a new journey with these guys and crank this beautiful mess we have here the fuck up.

I’m a diehard Packers, Brewers, Badgers and Bucks fan and I’ll do my best to write about my teams fairly but as always, no promises. I’m not going to sugar coat things and beat around the bush. I’ve got my takes and I’ll fight anyone on them. So cheers to the future and prosperity of Ball Sacks and Hardwood. I can’t wait to get to work and start cranking out content.




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