Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter Just Bought the Marlins


“Former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is part of a group led by ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush that has reached an agreement to purchase the Miami Marlins after submitting a bid of $1.3 billion, according to multiple media reports.”


Pause.  Now I’m not really sure how this whole buying a franchise thing works and I really could care less about the process.  Just the fact that Jeb Bush owns a sports franchise is hilarious to me.  Not only because he’s Jeb Bush but because he’s not the first in his family to do this.  Little do people know George W. had partial ownership of the Texas Rangers from 1989 until 1998.  G Dub saw his original $800,000 investment grow to $15 when he sold his shares of the club.

Now I’m not sure if this will change anything for Miami.  The Marlins have only two playoff births since joining the league in 1993 (Both resulting in WS Titles) but they seem to be coming back around after winning 79 games in 2016.  With young talent led by Giancarlo Stanton, Bush and Jeter will have a few building blocks in place.  Let’s just hope this project goes a little better than Bush’s campaign in 2016.


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