To Ben Brust, I’m so sorry.

Hi, my name is Connor Wears.  I was born in raised in Wisconsin, even went to Madison for a year to fulfill my dream of being a Badger.  It wasn’t long ago that I was watching you run up and down the floor draining dagger after snipe after splash for Wisconsin, the team and the state.  I vividly remember the shot you made against Michigan to force OT before you made the go-ahead to help Wisconsin win the game.

This morning when I sent out that tweet, that fateful tweet, I was confused, and I want to right my wrongdoings by letting you know what happened.  I accidentally confused you with fellow Badger great, Josh Gasser.  I know, it’s a completely amateur move and deserves no forgiveness, but nonetheless, it happened.  A few days ago, Josh Gasser tweeted out in reference to the Buck’s bandwagon:

I immediately saw the similarities in hardship the two have in working back from terrible ACL injuries to become Wisconsin, NBA and college basketball superstars, respectively.  When I saw your tweet this morning about fan questions on the podcast, I wrongly thought Gasser had posted it.

You two were a very important part of my basketball love when I was growing up.  As you shared the starting back court for the Badgers in the 2013-2014 season, many of the accomplishments both of you, as well as the team had, resulted from the plays and triumphs you and Gasser had together.  When I think of you, I think of Josh Gasser and vice versa.

I then sent out my tweet about beef between Gasser and Jabari for fun and light hearted conversation that could be a funny segment on your podcast.  I immediately realized my mistake, but the damage was done.  Not only did I hurt your feelings, but I also ruined a potential relationship between us.  I wish this had never happened and that I could take it all back.  I was hoping you could find it somewhere deep in your heart to forgive my lack of courtesy and foolishness.  I sincerely apologize to both you and Josh.  I’m sorry.

-Connor Wears

(P.S.) If you would like to be on our podcast or vice versa, I would love to apologize in voice or person as well.


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