The Shit that Goes Down During a Typical Podcast

To all you internet trolls and haters:

This isn’t a post to make excuses about how hard running a blog/podcast/sports media company is because it’s pretty easy if you love the game, and holy shit do we love Balls, Sacks, and Hard Wood.

To all our Hard Woodies:

First, this is a post asking for your forgiveness for all the bullshit we’ve been pulling as of late.  I want apologize formally to each and every Hard Woody out there for our podcast failures.  Our unprofessional manner, to say the least, will stop and the podcast will be consistent and better than ever.  That’s a 100% guarantee.

Second, this is a post holding every member of BSHW accountable for their fuck ups, especially me.  I want to share to all of you an example of a podcast we recorded, that never made it live due to our unforgivable, idiotic, and shameful mistakes that cannot happen for the sake of you the viewers sanity.

The first Episode 6 of the BSHW podcast was suppose to taped, edited, and uploaded right around the end of March at the time of the NFL owners meetings and start of the MLB season.  Mistake #1:  We decided it would be a good idea to start taping at about 11:00 p.m. or midnight after having college classes and homework all day.  Anyway all three of us are on a roll with ideas, comments, and jokes.  It was probably the best podcast material-wise that we had ever had.  No joke.  Mistake #2: We’re about three-quarters of the way through before this asshole, myself of course, realized he never switched the recording length on his track.  I was spewing brilliance of diamonds and gold sports wisdom to be lost forever.  After that genius move, we decided we still had enough left in the tank for another good shot at Episode 6.  So, we went again.  Mistake #3: We typically make a pretty generic outline for all of us to go off of then we make up content along the way to be more original and from the heart.  That plan worked great the first take, but not so well the second take.  The episode was still good but it didn’t have all the off-the-top-of-the-head information that made the first take so perfect.  Mistake #4: It really didn’t matter because once we finished recording, somebody (Sonny), forgot to push their record button, didn’t they.  Now, its been about a 2 plus hour process, its really late at night, so we said fuck it and gave up.

I wanted everyone on the internet to be aware of what goes on behind the scenes, so Sonny, Colin, I, and now Mitch can’t have any excuses.  If we promise something and it doesn’t happen, you know we we’re being idiots and fucked up.  I expect to be called out and humiliated over and over again by everyone on the internet because we deserve it if we don’t come through.  We need to STEP the FUCK UP now that BSHW is big time.

Lastly, a podcast was recorded last night.  No fucking way, am I right?  Be ready for it, it’s getting dropped soon.  Also, if you don’t believe that we’ve changed, here’s some proof that the mystery jersey has actually been shipped to winner Brice Almquist.  Stoked for it to be delivered and unveiled.

C-IFRfzWsAESH4t.jpg large


-The D3 Long Snapper



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