We Hired Our First Intern

IMG_0047BSHW is big time.  We just hired our first intern.  His name is Mitch, and we respected his dedication to the liquor, sports, and his girl.  He’s also a military man, so if you hate us, you hate the troops, America, and freedom.  So, that’s why we hired him.  Sounds good, right?  He’s been employed for about 24 hours, and we’re already rethinking the decision.  We gave the guy absolutely free reign on content for all of our platforms the gram, twitter, the blog, and he’s done absolutely nothing.  The same role as us 3.  This is a bad look for us.  Not only has the guy not done anything, but he also might be the most popular person at BSHW already.  People are going to start calling Mitchtern, which is a more catchy and marketable than anyone else’s name here.  I hope he’s planning something good, or I don’t know what the three of us are going to do because he might be the best part of BSHW in a few days without doing shit, but we’ll be forced to keep him becuase he’ll be indespensable.  Fuck.  Maybe it’ll work out, maybe we’ll be stuck with an Adam Morrison who just rides the pine, but gets all the glory.  We don’t know.  Anyway, love to have you here Mitch, but we’ll kill you in a second.

Also reminds us, if you think your funny and love sports, let us know.  I’ll just leave that here to let you do with it what you will.

-The D3 Long Snapper


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