I Knew it Mitchtern.


I knew he would fuck us.  Mitchtern pulled a Melania Trump.  The very first tweet he sends out steals a phrase from Pardon My Take of Barstool Sports.  We’re trying to build a brand here.  Rookie move Meyer.

But then I examined the situation a bit more thoroughly, and I’m starting to think it’s a veteran move.  Whether he’s trying to start beef, legally or personally, working smart and not hard, or spin zoning the phrase spin zone from Barstool to BSHW, it created publicity, and even bad publicity is good publicity.  I knew we hired him for a reason.  Great work guy.

Also, if your offended by all the hate I’m throwing at Mitch, know that we wouldn’t have hired him in a million years if he couldn’t handle the haters.

-The D3 Long Snapper


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