VP Pence is Rallying the Troops


Brilliant mojo move by VP Mike Pence here.  Paul George’s bitching of CJ Miles for taking the last shot in game 1 and the blowing of a 25 point halftime lead in game 3 has the Pacers rattled.  I mean the tension and awkwardness in that locker room has got to be heavier than early afternoon one night stands.  Good thing Mikey P’s got their backs.  He basically trapped and gave an airplane’s worth of reporters the choice to kill themselves by literally jumping out of an airplane or watch/listen to all 1 hour and 54 minutes of Indiana’s most classic basketball drama, Hoosiers.  Pretty easy choice for a bunch of of lazy media members trying to get rich off social media and posting on websites…fuckin tools.  Next thing you know, the story’s everywhere and everyone’s talking about Indiana’s finest.  You bet your ass the Pacers are pumped for game 4, and you bet your ass again they’ll be wearing the Hickory jerseys.  Cleveland may have a King, but Indiana has a Vice President.

-The D3 Long Snapper


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