The NFL Just Dropped a Huge Fuck You to Packers Fans

Packers Schedule

Thanks NFL.  All I wanted to do Thursday night was have my most repressed, scaring, horror filled memories (I woke up in the middle of the night 3 times in a cold sweat) dragged up to haunt me for even more months and years than they’ve already taken away from life.  It’s only been a few months since the Falcons and a few years since the Seahawks wrecked our title hopes as we had to endure watching the Packers light a match of uncertainty and tend the flame into a full blown dumpster fire in each of those two NFC Championships.


And Brandon Bostick, are you seriously fucking kidding me, it was a pop-up.  Coaches literally tell little league kids to hit the ball on the ground because they know each and every one of those little shits playing defense are going to fuck up.  A person with no arms can literally catch a pop-up.  FUCK.


What the hell NFL?  Why would you bring those memories up?  Would you remind your new wife that the only reason you two are married is because her last boyfriend left her at the alter to pursue a career in porn?  Would you remind your adopted son that the only reason he lives with you is because his biological parents decided their life would be better without you?  No, you don’t bring things back up like that in life.  It’s douchey.  Anyway, I’m already over it.

Love the schedule for two reasons…revenge and hype.  The big stage is the best time to show them who’s daddy.  We want to play two of the final four teams in the NFC last year on the road within the first five games.  We want to play four of the five other playoff teams from the NFC last year.  Hell, we’ll throw the loser of the AFC Championship in just for fun.  Packers bringing the Lombardi trophy back to Title Town this year.  Write it down.  Go Pack Go.

-The D3 Long Snapper





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