NBA Pro Combine Scouting Reports of each BSHW Host

Exclusive look at the NBA league wide scouting reports for each of the BSHW hosts.  You saw it here second.

Name: Colin Bursik   Postition: SG/QB   Height: 6’3″   Weight: Big   College: St. Norberts

Colin Scouting Report

Name: Sonny Anderson   Position: C   Height: 5’7″   Weight: good enough   College: UWEC

Sonny Scouting Report

Name: Connor Wears   Position: PF   Height: 5’10”   Weight: Shy of 2 Bills   College: UWL

Connor Scouting Report.jpg

The 3 hosts will showcase their skills at the Pro Basketball Combine in the next few days, weeks, or months (whenever it is).  The NBA is absolutely ecstatic about the possibilities each one of the players brings to their potential new team.  Unfortunately, only three teams each can have just one of them…unless the NBA Draft Mafia has anything to say about.  To be continued…

-Connor Wears


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