BSHW Conspiracy Theories: Bill Belichick “NFL Head Coach/De Facto GM or Typical Dad?”

February 5th, 2017: Patriots overcome a 28-3 deficit in the 3rd quarter to win Super Bowl 51 against the Falcons to bring home their 5th Lombardi Trophy in the Bill Belichick Era.

March 10th, 2017: Patriots trade pick to Colts for tight end Dwayne Allen knowing they’re losing Martellus Bennett.

March 10th, 2017: Patriots sign highly touted corner Stephon Gilmore, who tied for 4th in the NFL in interceptions last year, for $40 million guaranteed over 5 years.

March 11th, 2017: Patriots trade 1st and 3rd round picks to the Saints for speedy wide-out Brandin Cooks, who tied for 5th in receiving TDs last season, and a 4th round pick.

March 11th, 2017: Patriots trade a 2nd round pick to the Panthers for defensive end Kony Ealy, who had 3 sacks and a forced fumble in the 2015-16 Super Bowl, and a 3rd round pick.

March 16th, 2017: Patriots resign captain linebacker Dont’a Hightower for $19 million guaranteed over 4 years.

Bill Belichick is the football equivalent of God, at least that’s how it appears to the average NFL fan.  However, what if I were to give you a little information that might make you rethink the obvious and sway your mind towards the reality.  “Are you sure there isn’t anything you want to say before I begin Bill?”


March 25th, 1987: Steve Belichick is born.

September 2008: Steve Belichick enrolls at Rutgers and plays football as a long snapper.

May 2012: Steve Belichick graduates from Rutgers and is hired as a defensive assistant on the Patriots.

February 1st, 2015: Patriots defeat the defending champion Seattle Seahawks 28-24 in Super Bowl 49.

March 2016: Patriots promote Steve Belichick to safety’s coach.

February 5th, 2017: Patriots overcome a 28-3 deficit in the 3rd quarter to win Super Bowl 51 against the Falcons to bring home their 5th Lombardi Trophy in the Bill Belichick Era.

Are you sensing a pattern here?  Can you see the situation coming full circle?  Do you now understand the implications presented here?  “Are you nervous yet William?”


If you still need a little nudge in the right direction to understand what’s going on, I’ll lay it out for you.  The organization that brought us the Tuck Rule (2001), Spygate (2007), Deflategate (2015), and now potentially Headsetgate has been hiding an even more devastating conspiracy than ever before witnessed in the NFL world.  Bill Belichick is a fraud.  He’s nothing more than a typical dad who’s taking credit for his son’s accomplishments.  “You didn’t think anyone would ever find out did you Billy Boy?”


There’s no coincidence the New England Patriots won two Super Bowls the years they hired and promoted Steve Belichick.  He’s the one running the whole damn operation, but his dad’s the pretty face who’s stealing all the glory.  Bill didn’t think we noticed him at the Celtics versus Cavaliers game on March 1st or the Arizona Diamondback’s spring training yesterday, but we did.  Bill’s out in the world enjoying a merry time, while Steve sits in the Patriots’ headquarters planning out a year long strategy to win #6.  “What are you going to do now Belichick?  The whole world knows your secret.”


Bill Belichick lives through his son.  Everything Steve magnificently creates and maneuvers as the real Head Coach and General Manager of the New England Patriots is quickly stolen, wrapped up and tied with a bow, and presented to Mr. Kraft by Bill for the world to see what he “accomplished” for the team in the same way a typical dad runs onto the court yelling “I did it” when his son hits the buzzer-beater 3 to win state.  “No longer shall this charade continue.  Steve its your turn to shine in the spotlight.  You deserve it.  You earned it.  As for you Bill, your tyranny of horror is over.  We uncovered your dirty, filthy, little secret.  Were sorry you never lived up to your full potential and had to live a second chance life through your son, but its over now.  Nice try Bill.  Nice try.”


*Please exclude years 2000-2011 and the 3 Super Bowls in that specific time span when reading and analyzing the story.  They don’t add to the conspiracy well.*

-Connor Wears


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