Tony Romo’s Coming Home

*Tony Romo singing to the tune of Diddy’s “Coming Home”*

I’m coming home.  I’m coming home.  Tell Wisco, I’m coming home.  Let the snows wash away all the Jerry Jones of yesterday.  I know my backup spot awaits, and Aaron’s fixing my mistakes.  I’m coming home.  I’m coming home.  Tell Wisco that I’m coming…

There’s simply only one city and team that Tony Romo would want…need to play for in 2017.  Whether through trade or free agency, Tony’s coming home to the Green Bay Packers.  His drive for competition and willingness to learn make him the perfect player to join the cheese heads.  Please, just clear your opinions and hear us out.

First, it’s his home.  Tony grew up in the beautiful little city of Burlington, Wisconsin where he was a three sport legend.  The people of Wisconsin want to claim what’s rightfully ours.  In all honesty, we lost JJ, and unfortunately, all we have left is Romo.  I mean LeBron wanted to come back home to Cleeeveland.  Why wouldn’t Tony want to make a glorious return back to Wisconsin to become the latest hometown hero?

Now, we’re guessing you’re probably formulating the question, “Why would Tony Romo want to be the backup QB for a team with the best signal caller in the league?” Your right and wrong.  Aaron Rodgers leading as the unquestioned QB1 of the Green Bay Packers only enhances Tony’s reasons to return to his homeland.  Tony’s a good NFL quarterback, but he’s not great.  Aaron Rodgers is Godgers, so he has more than a few things he could teach Romo.  Tony Romo will be to Aaron Rodgers as Aaron Rodgers was to Brett Favre.  Yes, that did turn out pretty great.

A few thoughts such as, “Why would a 36 year old veteran with a vast injury history waste years at the end of his career learning as a student?” are probably racing through your mind.  Oh, how so innocent and naive you are.  Just think about this.  Tony Romo played college football at Eastern Illinois in the Ohio Valley Conference.  This means he hardly ever took a hit before the NFL, which you can hardly about his fellow NFL QBs who played D1.  He didn’t snap one play during his first two seasons in the NFL, and had 3 other seasons where he played 6 games or less.  In essence, he’s really only an 8 year veteran.

If your trying to play the devil’s advocate and say he’s still old at 36 years of age, and he lost most of the seasons due to injury, which takes years off his career, you’re still hopelessly lost.  All those surgeries allowed Tony Romo to become the NFL’s first bionic QB.  All the metal and apparatuses screwed to his body turned him almost immortal compared to the average NFL quarterback.  He has at least 10 strong years.

Under the guidance and leadership of Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo will hone his skills, further his knowledge, and most importantly discover ways to win.  As only the third Packers QB in 37 years, Romo will take the Packers to the promise land with a Super Bowl win in 2029.  Just 3 years removed from Rodgers’ 4th ring.

-Connor Wears



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