*UPDATE* Naturally, the Camper Guy is Selling Drugs to Minors.

🚨Breaking News🚨 there's a 100% chance camper dude is selling drugs to kids out of his camper! pic.twitter.com/HhBkxckNKy — Connor (@TheAlphaTwin) October 20, 2017 What a world we all live in.  One day you could just be living out of your camper on the side of the street, the next your stealing boxers from 20-year-old college dudes, then all of

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We Found a LEGIT Way to Make Free Money on Sports Without Losing Your Own

So I was eating dinner, by myself, scrolling through the Instagram, throwing out some likes and tossing around some views, while shoving enchiladas into my mouth, when one of those annoying Instagram App Ads actually caught my eye.  Instead of scrolling right past it to watch the next videos of college students proving they need to find Jesus by bonging

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Next Man Up: Brett Hundley

For all of those Packers fans out there, I am with you.  When Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone against the Minnesota Vikings, my aspirations of the Packers reaching the Super Bowl, winning the NFC North, and having a possible MVP season with Aaron Rodgers flashed before my eyes.  After watching the rest of the game with Brett

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